Vastu Shastra




There can be two ways to explain the postulates
and logic of Vastu Shastra i.e. one with the help of
scriptural terms like ‘Shubh & Ashubh’ i.e.
‘auspicious & inauspicious’ as defined by our great
old sages & seers thousands of years back. The
other way is to explain its tenets scientifically. The
wisest way to get a fruitful outcome of a discussion
is “either be convinced by other’s views or
convince him with your views”. Today we are
living in scientific era and the definition of science
is “Science is an organized knowledge”. If we
recognize and respect Vastu wisdom, then
certainly we shall be required to penetrate deep
into the scientific application and explanation of
well established and tested principles enshrined in
Vedic culture

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